Saturday, 16 April 2016

Who owns the land on Earth?

I've read a lot of stories and comments about the whole "South Africa" belongs to the black people and white South Africans were settlers that came from elsewhere.
Firstly the only indigenous people to South Africa are the San People, or Bushmen as most call them, and they are still being marginalized and oppressed even today. The black people in South Africa also came to South Africa from the north only a "short" while before the first white settlers arrived. So if the ANC Government wants to give South Africa back to those to whom it really belongs, they must step down and give it to the San People and let them decide what to do with the country!!

History lessons aside, the land does not belong to any of us! We only "borrow" it, for the very short time we live on this Earth, from our children and their children, who in turn also only "borrow" it while being alive! The idea that the land belongs to any of us is absurd!! The planet and all it's continents and lands have been around for millions of years, long before there were any "human" settlers living on it. The whole notion of countries with borders where you can only cross the border with visas etc. is insulting to anyone with the capacity of free thought! No one has the right to draw a line on a map and say "this is ours and only belongs to us", and no one else can cross that line unless we give them permission to do so!

The land belongs to Everyone, and yet No one and the same time!