Monday, 20 June 2016

The Music Revolution, what it's about and how you can participate

The Music Revolution is a movement to get people to think about themselves, things around them and the world in general and by doing so, making some kind of positive changes in their lives or the lives of someone else in order to try improve the world we all live in.

The vehicle the Music Revolution uses to reach people is music, art, writings and any other form of creative free expression. The Music Revolution is not governed by a set of rules or regulations and is all about free expression of ideas and philosophies of individual people. The only thing that the Music Revolution does not want to have anything to do with is hate speech, racism, sexism etc. as the Music Revolution is about positive change!

How can you participate and become part of the Music Revolution?
There are many different ways anyone can participate in the Music Revolution.
For example, any musicians out there who would like to do a collaboration with me and create music to reach people, you can contact me via email, Facebook etc so we can discuss your ideas. Even though I am based in Johannesburg, South Africa this does not mean that only musicians in Johannesburg can do collaborations with me. Anyone interested from anywhere in the world is welcome to contact me coz thanks to the internet anything can be done!!

If you are a writer, artist, photographer etc. and wish to be a part of the music revolution, you can also contact me and discuss what you wish to contribute to the Music Revolution.
I will put all projects part of the Music Revolution on various forms of digital media.
I am in the process of making a website dedicated to the Music Revolution and will have it go live if there are enough people contributing to the Music Revolution, otherwise I will add a page to my website untill the Music Revolution grows!

I call on everyone interested in making a difference and positive change to the world to contact me so the Music Revolution can continue to grow and reach as many people as possible!!

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