Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Is Everyone Sleeping??? It's time to WAKE UP!!

I've been seeing so many posts on Facebook and other online media about the whole Racism Issue and white people must pay for Apartheid, must leave the country and White privilege must stop ETC. etc. blah blah blah!! Fish paste as "C" would say!

All this is, is a way for "the powers that be" (They) to manipulate events on a national scale. Another example of the 1% making use of the 99% to make themselves rich!!Divide and Conquer, the oldest rule in the Book and most of us are playing right in their hands and doing exactly what they want us to do!! Conform, step in line and do as you are told!! That's what They want us to do, and I do stress, "They Want"! We're making it so easy for them to keep the power!!

If you ask me, I think Everyone must Wake Up and stop living in denial of the whole"ignorance is bliss thing", as that is purely living in a prison of your/our making! The 1% have nothing to worry about coz, in the day we live in, power is measured in numbers on a computer program i.e. money and wealth, not in unity and standing together for the benefit of ALL!!

The moment we, the 99%, ALL wake up and stand together, no matter what race, creed, religion etc., as a unified human race of the World and realize that is where the power lies! Only then we would have chance at living in a moral and just society, where no one is taking advantage of a situation or people in order to get even more wealthy, but rather where everyone is afforded the same opportunities to live the kind of life all human beings deserve!

I was asked by someone the other day,:"Who is to say that that is the right thing to do for the benefit of all??", well I guess there is no way of knowing that beforehand!?! All I'm saying is that it would be different than it is now and Everyone on the planet will benefit equally. Isn't it worth it to at least try and see what happens??

I'm thinking that things in the world can't really get much worse for the 99% of us, so there is Nothing to lose if we try, whatever will happen has most definitely gotta be better than what it is now for the majority of the people around the world! Is it not something worth putting some effort into??? Is it not worth to at least try to end the suffering/strife of a large portion of Our fellow human beings??

I sure believe that it is something worth trying, to help "My People" who All deserve to benefit equally for simply being Human Beings!! Maybe it's just me having a bit of an ego trip, thinking that I am the one who can make the 99% wake up and stand together to change the world? Or is it that I have the opportunity to set things in motion and steer things off in a positive direction? I sure hope it's the latter as I have been doing the little I can to help those around me who just need that little something to help them to get going in the right direction to where they deserve to be and improve their current situation!

I'm not going to mention what I have done as I do not need recognition for helping a fellow person simply coz I could! That is how it should be, helping someone just coz You Can and for no other reason than that! That's just how I see it. You help someone coz You Can and that little bit you are doing will have a profound impact on their lives!! Don't you think that would be worth it?? Don't you think that's how "Life"should be??
I sure do!!!

So if any of you want to do something that is very simple and meaningful, join The Music Revolution and, together we can Make a Difference to this world!! It can be anything that you can help someone with, no matter how small as each positive change will add up to something bigger and longer lasting!!

I call on all of you, my fellow human beings, my brothers and sisters to do what is right and make a positive change to the world instead of just accepting that this is how life is as this is Not just how life is!!! It is how life has been made to be and we, the 99%, have to take the power back and use it for the benefit of all!!

Music is My Religion

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


The 5th of November,
The Gunpowder treason and plot.
I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot"

I'm sure pretty much most of you know this little rhyme, especially with the movie V for Vendetta, possibly Anonymous and all!?!

But does anyone know why there is no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot???

As with many things from years gone by there is far more to it than a cool rhyming poem and shooting off fireworks on November the 5th!
It's the deeper meaning to this blatant attempt to kinda sweep the man (men) and the idea (reason) of the gunpowder treason and plot "under the rug", that is what is really important to remember about this day, the 5th of November!

The reason why Guy Fawkes and the famous Gunpowder treason and plot, which happened on the 5th of November all those years back in 1605, should never be forgot is for the reason that one man (and a group of comrades) where not happy with how the world was and where the future was heading.
They decided action needs to be taken in order to change the world and save the future of all, they tried a violent route which did not quite work out, but with the public death of Guy Fawkes (the one people remember) something much more powerful was created. The belief that "ideas are bullet proof" and will live on far longer than "the man" who was behind the idea.

It is that idea that should never be forgot, the idea that the things that are wrong with the world today (just as it was back in 1605) can be changed by non violent means far easier and with greater effect than through using violence! In order for a more meaningful and longer lasting positive change to the world for the good of all today, we need to stand together against all those who are the causes to the problems of the world.

I know there are many people and groups of people, who are causing a lot of the problems and creating people in distress all over the world in order for their own financial gain, and it is time for "the world" as we know it to end. A new world which benefits all needs to be created, and it is more than possible for such a world to be created coz there is enough wealth in the world to sort out all of the world's problems! I'm sure many of you probably didn't realize that!?!

The problem with that is that pretty much all that wealth is in the hands of "a few" who have more money than they, their children, their grand children etc. could ever spend in their lives yet they want more!
They could keep enough money that all their descendants could ever need and give the rest away to help the rest of mankind!

With all of that money combined pretty much all of the world's problems could be sorted out and none of our fellow human beings would be suffering!! I'm sure you're thinking,:"that sounds rather simple! So why don't they do it?"

The answer is simple, ALL those wealthy people who have the money needed, allow the problems in the world to keep on going coz they need those problems in order to make more money!! We all know that they are blinded by greed or simply just don't care or don't have any moral fiber worth mentioning!
This is not a racial thing as there people from all races who are part of that wealthy minority who oppress the majority. 

In order for things to change for the benefit of all mankind, we need to shift the mindset of the oppressed majority into realizing that strength lies in numbers and not in wealth! If we, the majority, stand together and use peaceful means to try effect change, the wealthy minority will be forced to listen and do what is right!
I know there are some of the wealthy minority who do feel that they have a moral obligation to help mankind, but those are few and far between.

We, the majority, need to send a message to the governments of the world and the wealthy minority that we will no longer idly stand by and watch our fellow brothers and sisters being used as tools to create even more wealth for the minority and governments they control.
However, very importantly, that message must be unanimous and we need to make it clear that we won't use violence to effect change!

Seeing as how we are getting close to the 5th of November, I think that would be a fitting day for us, the majority, to send out our message to the wealthy minority and governments of the world that it is time for a change and a restructuring of "society" and how things work so that we all reap the benefits of the world that we are all working for in one way or another.

I will inform everyone that I can closer to the time as to what will the best way for us to send our message out to the "powers that be", but in the meantime please share this post with as many people as you can so that we can have our strength in numbers when the day comes!

Anyone interested in joining The Music Revolution can contact me or go to our Facebook Page for more information.

Spread the word!
United we can win, divided we shall fail!

Music is My Religion

Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Music Revolution - What WE ARE DOING!

The Music Revolution is still gaining momentum, all be it slowly, but it will continue to grow until it reaches everyone able and willing to join and make a difference.

This post is about groovemasta and Groove Inc. Productions, the forerunners of The Music Revolution, and how we incorporate the ideals of The Music Revolution in all the I (We) do and make a difference.
Groove Inc. Productions slogan is: "Think, Act, Make a Difference" which pretty much sums up what The Music Revolution is all about.

Groove Inc. Productions is a relatively new company and even though we don't really have a budget we use all resources available to us to act on the ideals of The Music Revolution and make as many positive changes to the lives of as many people as we can!
Unfortunately due to the fact that we are a new company we can't help everyone but I would like to highlight some of the ways Groove Inc. Productions and I (groovemasta) have made a difference to the lives of a few people.

The first thing Groove Inc. Productions has been doing is advertising, marketing and trying to get work for Frik, a Parkinson's sufferer who can't get work and has to beg at the robot to support his family, as he has a great voice and is a very talented singer. We have managed to get him a few jobs so far which has helped him a lot, we also made a 6 song CD for Frik free of charge. Further to not charging Frik for any of our services, we also don't take a percentage of the money he gets for any work we secure for him!

Groove Inc. Productions also has made a difference to a number of people on the recording studio side of our business by helping young underprivileged artists to record their songs at a very low rate, usually below cost, in order to help them to start their career.
One such group we helped with a recording of a 4 song CD is a group of you black boys who are still in school, called Thee Immortalz WCV. They are a 3 piece hip hop/rap group and are very talented and deserve a chance to succeed! WCV thoroughly enjoyed the experience of recording at a professional recording studio and seeing support from people they don't know and don't know them.Those are only 2 of the many positive changes I have made to the lives of people around me!

It's not about what YOU can get out of it, but HOW YOU can help someone and make a positive change in their life and by so doing make a positive change to the world we live in. Each and every small positive change will become something greater if we all simply do our part! I'm sure there is some kind of positive change each and every one of you can do for someone!?!?

I call on everyone to join me and The Music Revolution so that together we can make our country and the world a better place for all!
Anyone interested in joining The Music Revolution can go to the Facebook page or contact me.
It is only when we all work together that we can make a positive change to the world we all live in!

The Music Revolution is an idea and ideas live forever!

Music is My Religion

Friday, 19 August 2016

The Music Revolutio Gains Momentum

The Music Revolution is gaining momentum, it's unfortunately a slow process coz it seems like most people only want to like the Music Revolution but don't want to actually engage and join up in order for us to make the world a better place!?!

Even if only a handful of people want to be part of the Music Revolution, we will continue and it will be worth the effort. The goal, of course, is to get as many people from all over the world as possible to join the Music Revolution in order to make a positive change to the world we all live in!!
It has, however, never been more important for us all to stand together against "the powers that be" before it is too late and there is nothing that we can do to stop their influence on world events and their control over the lives of millions!!

The Global Elite who orchestrate and manipulate all forms of world events, and have been doing so for many years will never stop as they have the money and the influence which they do not want to hand over to anyone else. If the rest of the world population want to live in a world that benefits the majority and not the minority 1% will stand together to create positive changes and make the world a better place for all, only then can we create a world where the needs of all are met and create a world of equality instead of inequality and misplaced (unearned) wealth, taken from the blood and sweat from the "ordinary"person's hard work.
I saw a quote the other day from some stupid business type person who said "I would rather get 1% from a hundred people's effort than 100% from my own effort". That is exactly what the problem is with the world we live in, the people doing all the work that keeps the "machine"going don't reap the benefits of their hard work!!

I call on all artists/musicians/writers and anyone who wants to join the Music Revolution to contact me.
The Music Revolution is about using mediums to get people to think about what is going on around them and make a positive change. If everyone just makes one small positive change, all of those changes together will create a long lasting change to the world!!

Contact me if you want to help make the world a better place for all and for those who will come after us!

The Music Revolution is an idea and as we know, Ideas are Bullet Proof!!!!

Music is my Religion

Monday, 8 August 2016

Shooting my ER24 Documentary

I have started shooting my ER24 Documentary.
For those of you who don't know , ER24 is an Emergency Services Company providing emergency medical and trauma treatment for all kinds emergencies, as well as patient transfers to the hospital.

My goal for the documentary is to show the people behind the uniform, who they are and why they have chosen to do what they do. I also want to show the work the paramedics do and what they go through on a daily basis.

The 6 shifts I have worked with ER24 so far has taught me a lot about emergency medical treatment and the people that do this selfless and thankless job every day. They work 12 hour shifts, day and night, and respond to a variety of calls from medical calls to accident scenes.

All of the ER24 Medics that I have worked with and met say the same thing: it's not just a job and they don't work coz they have to. They work coz they want to and it's more than a job, it's a calling and they do it coz they want to help people in there most desperate time and make it better. I have much respect for the Medics and the company they work for, as ER24 is the only Emergency Services Company in South Africa that helps people in need whether they have medical aid, money or not! That is something worth commending and I will most definitely be phoning 084 124 if I were ever need emergency medical treatment.

I am planning on making a 4 episode documentary as it is difficult to show all the great work the ER24 teams do in an hour long documentary! The first episode should be available soon!

Go to www.grooveinc.co.za and signup to our mailing list to be kept in the loop as to the progress of the documentary and the release date of the first episode!
Go to https://youtu.be/1L0WyCHzZ4A and view/like my trailer.

Groove Inc. Productions

Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Music Revolution Keeps Going

Even though I have only had a few responses to my request for artists and musicians to join me and the Music Revolution, mostly the good friends I made in Cape Town and Fortune, a guy I met outside a shopping mall......The Music Revolution KEEPS GOING and MOVING FORWARD!!!

What I don't understand is that a lot of people are reading my blogs about the Music Revolution and are liking my posts and the Music Revolution on Facebook, yet not many people have contacted me and asking me to join the Music Revolution and what they can do????

To me that is something which very disturbing as I thought artists and musicians wanted have an impact and have an effect on the world we live in??
Maybe I was wrong??
Maybe most artists and musicians are only in it for the fame and money????
Which is quite sad as I have always made music in order to "be there" for people and have a positive effect on their lives, even if I don't know them!

Are none of you interested in joining the Music Revolution in order to effect positive change to the world we live in???? We ALL know there are many things wrong with the world and it is only if we stand together for the common good of all mankind that each and everyone of us can play our part in making a decent future for us and those that come after us!

Doing nothing IS the worst crime out there and if everyone has that kind of attitude we are ALL doomed to live in a world that is full of corruption, abuse, oppression and all the other evils that make the world ehat it is today!!

The Music Revolution will keep going, no matter how many or how few people are interested in making a positive change to the world but I again call on ANYONE interested in making a difference to contact me and join the Music Revolution!!!

United we shall win, but divided we shall fall!!
The powers that be do not want us to unite and stand together because they know that if we stand together, they will fall!!! We outnumber them by a huge number and if we stand together, we CAN make a difference and change the world!!

Music is My Religion


Monday, 20 June 2016

The Music Revolution, what it's about and how you can participate

The Music Revolution is a movement to get people to think about themselves, things around them and the world in general and by doing so, making some kind of positive changes in their lives or the lives of someone else in order to try improve the world we all live in.

The vehicle the Music Revolution uses to reach people is music, art, writings and any other form of creative free expression. The Music Revolution is not governed by a set of rules or regulations and is all about free expression of ideas and philosophies of individual people. The only thing that the Music Revolution does not want to have anything to do with is hate speech, racism, sexism etc. as the Music Revolution is about positive change!

How can you participate and become part of the Music Revolution?
There are many different ways anyone can participate in the Music Revolution.
For example, any musicians out there who would like to do a collaboration with me and create music to reach people, you can contact me via email, Facebook etc so we can discuss your ideas. Even though I am based in Johannesburg, South Africa this does not mean that only musicians in Johannesburg can do collaborations with me. Anyone interested from anywhere in the world is welcome to contact me coz thanks to the internet anything can be done!!

If you are a writer, artist, photographer etc. and wish to be a part of the music revolution, you can also contact me and discuss what you wish to contribute to the Music Revolution.
I will put all projects part of the Music Revolution on various forms of digital media.
I am in the process of making a website dedicated to the Music Revolution and will have it go live if there are enough people contributing to the Music Revolution, otherwise I will add a page to my website untill the Music Revolution grows!

I call on everyone interested in making a difference and positive change to the world to contact me so the Music Revolution can continue to grow and reach as many people as possible!!

Music is My Religion

Groove Inc. Productions