Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Is Everyone Sleeping??? It's time to WAKE UP!!

I've been seeing so many posts on Facebook and other online media about the whole Racism Issue and white people must pay for Apartheid, must leave the country and White privilege must stop ETC. etc. blah blah blah!! Fish paste as "C" would say!

All this is, is a way for "the powers that be" (They) to manipulate events on a national scale. Another example of the 1% making use of the 99% to make themselves rich!!Divide and Conquer, the oldest rule in the Book and most of us are playing right in their hands and doing exactly what they want us to do!! Conform, step in line and do as you are told!! That's what They want us to do, and I do stress, "They Want"! We're making it so easy for them to keep the power!!

If you ask me, I think Everyone must Wake Up and stop living in denial of the whole"ignorance is bliss thing", as that is purely living in a prison of your/our making! The 1% have nothing to worry about coz, in the day we live in, power is measured in numbers on a computer program i.e. money and wealth, not in unity and standing together for the benefit of ALL!!

The moment we, the 99%, ALL wake up and stand together, no matter what race, creed, religion etc., as a unified human race of the World and realize that is where the power lies! Only then we would have chance at living in a moral and just society, where no one is taking advantage of a situation or people in order to get even more wealthy, but rather where everyone is afforded the same opportunities to live the kind of life all human beings deserve!

I was asked by someone the other day,:"Who is to say that that is the right thing to do for the benefit of all??", well I guess there is no way of knowing that beforehand!?! All I'm saying is that it would be different than it is now and Everyone on the planet will benefit equally. Isn't it worth it to at least try and see what happens??

I'm thinking that things in the world can't really get much worse for the 99% of us, so there is Nothing to lose if we try, whatever will happen has most definitely gotta be better than what it is now for the majority of the people around the world! Is it not something worth putting some effort into??? Is it not worth to at least try to end the suffering/strife of a large portion of Our fellow human beings??

I sure believe that it is something worth trying, to help "My People" who All deserve to benefit equally for simply being Human Beings!! Maybe it's just me having a bit of an ego trip, thinking that I am the one who can make the 99% wake up and stand together to change the world? Or is it that I have the opportunity to set things in motion and steer things off in a positive direction? I sure hope it's the latter as I have been doing the little I can to help those around me who just need that little something to help them to get going in the right direction to where they deserve to be and improve their current situation!

I'm not going to mention what I have done as I do not need recognition for helping a fellow person simply coz I could! That is how it should be, helping someone just coz You Can and for no other reason than that! That's just how I see it. You help someone coz You Can and that little bit you are doing will have a profound impact on their lives!! Don't you think that would be worth it?? Don't you think that's how "Life"should be??
I sure do!!!

So if any of you want to do something that is very simple and meaningful, join The Music Revolution and, together we can Make a Difference to this world!! It can be anything that you can help someone with, no matter how small as each positive change will add up to something bigger and longer lasting!!

I call on all of you, my fellow human beings, my brothers and sisters to do what is right and make a positive change to the world instead of just accepting that this is how life is as this is Not just how life is!!! It is how life has been made to be and we, the 99%, have to take the power back and use it for the benefit of all!!

Music is My Religion

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