Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Welcome to 2017

Welcome to 2017!! What's instore for us????

Happy New Year to all of you!!
I hope you had a good and safe entry into 2017!?!
I'm sure most of you had one helluva party to bring in the new year, as is the case every 31st of December!
I know why New Year's is so important to most people because it is a symbol of new beginnings, new possibilities and new opportunities etc.

What many people are not aware of, is that 2017 could possibly be the most important year in recent human history. There is a great deal at stake for humankind in the coming year as "the powers that be" will be trying to implement the "final phase" of their plan, or at the very least set the final phase in motion!!

Many things have been happening in recent years that have gently pushed humankind into following a certain "path"! A path that has been designed by "some people" to be the best way to keep the majority of the human population, no matter what race, colour, creed, sexual orientation etc. under control! The best way to control and manipulate people is without them knowing it, or otherwise by using misinformation about some "health issue" or terror attack. Something like that!

If You were to Stop what you are doing for a moment and look around for a little while, you will see what I see, you will understand what I understand, you will feel what I feel, which is that there is something very wrong with the world we live in!

The signs of what is to come are All around us, if we really care to look at it objectively.
Take for example, Bitcoin and all the other alt coins, all they really are is a "dry-run" for the Global One World Currency! I mean, come on really??? A Global Currency to threaten the very banking cartels that run the world, created by some random dude named Satoshi Nakomoto! I would prefer to refer to him by "his" true name, The Bilderberg Group. Make no mistake The Bilderberg Group is a very wealthy and influential "entity", who have their control of many things and many people!

Another sign would be the whole RFID Chip thing that "the powers that be" want everyone to have in their hand or arm for extra safety and security for yourself and your money!! No more carrying a wallet of any kind around!! Also, for parents it would be such a good way to know that their kids are safe at all times coz you know there a lot of kidnappings and etc. With your ID, Banking information etc. on the RFID, all you have to do is swipe your hand at the shop or air port when boarding!
Now doesn't that just sound like such an awesome idea???

The List goes on and I can tell you about all the other things the 1% are doing and using to try control the 99% coz We outnumber them by a very large number! If enough of the 99% wake up and see what's going on, then putting a stop to their involvement in keeping "the lie going".
When enough of you, my fellow 99%, stand together with me as one.
Then, and only then, will true change be possible!

There will be no need for violence either as we outnumber them and the 1% will fold very quickly to try hold on to some of their wealth and privilege. It is very important for change to be effected by peaceful means, as that is the only way to make everlasting positive changes for the benefit of all equally.

Viva La Revolution
Viva La Music Revolution
We stand United against the evil of the Global Elite
We will take the power Back
We will bring true Equality for all

I might have digressed a little, but Good Luck to All of you for 2017!
Let's hope we won't need it!!

Music is My Religion

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