Tuesday, 11 October 2016


The 5th of November,
The Gunpowder treason and plot.
I know of no reason
Why the gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot"

I'm sure pretty much most of you know this little rhyme, especially with the movie V for Vendetta, possibly Anonymous and all!?!

But does anyone know why there is no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot???

As with many things from years gone by there is far more to it than a cool rhyming poem and shooting off fireworks on November the 5th!
It's the deeper meaning to this blatant attempt to kinda sweep the man (men) and the idea (reason) of the gunpowder treason and plot "under the rug", that is what is really important to remember about this day, the 5th of November!

The reason why Guy Fawkes and the famous Gunpowder treason and plot, which happened on the 5th of November all those years back in 1605, should never be forgot is for the reason that one man (and a group of comrades) where not happy with how the world was and where the future was heading.
They decided action needs to be taken in order to change the world and save the future of all, they tried a violent route which did not quite work out, but with the public death of Guy Fawkes (the one people remember) something much more powerful was created. The belief that "ideas are bullet proof" and will live on far longer than "the man" who was behind the idea.

It is that idea that should never be forgot, the idea that the things that are wrong with the world today (just as it was back in 1605) can be changed by non violent means far easier and with greater effect than through using violence! In order for a more meaningful and longer lasting positive change to the world for the good of all today, we need to stand together against all those who are the causes to the problems of the world.

I know there are many people and groups of people, who are causing a lot of the problems and creating people in distress all over the world in order for their own financial gain, and it is time for "the world" as we know it to end. A new world which benefits all needs to be created, and it is more than possible for such a world to be created coz there is enough wealth in the world to sort out all of the world's problems! I'm sure many of you probably didn't realize that!?!

The problem with that is that pretty much all that wealth is in the hands of "a few" who have more money than they, their children, their grand children etc. could ever spend in their lives yet they want more!
They could keep enough money that all their descendants could ever need and give the rest away to help the rest of mankind!

With all of that money combined pretty much all of the world's problems could be sorted out and none of our fellow human beings would be suffering!! I'm sure you're thinking,:"that sounds rather simple! So why don't they do it?"

The answer is simple, ALL those wealthy people who have the money needed, allow the problems in the world to keep on going coz they need those problems in order to make more money!! We all know that they are blinded by greed or simply just don't care or don't have any moral fiber worth mentioning!
This is not a racial thing as there people from all races who are part of that wealthy minority who oppress the majority. 

In order for things to change for the benefit of all mankind, we need to shift the mindset of the oppressed majority into realizing that strength lies in numbers and not in wealth! If we, the majority, stand together and use peaceful means to try effect change, the wealthy minority will be forced to listen and do what is right!
I know there are some of the wealthy minority who do feel that they have a moral obligation to help mankind, but those are few and far between.

We, the majority, need to send a message to the governments of the world and the wealthy minority that we will no longer idly stand by and watch our fellow brothers and sisters being used as tools to create even more wealth for the minority and governments they control.
However, very importantly, that message must be unanimous and we need to make it clear that we won't use violence to effect change!

Seeing as how we are getting close to the 5th of November, I think that would be a fitting day for us, the majority, to send out our message to the wealthy minority and governments of the world that it is time for a change and a restructuring of "society" and how things work so that we all reap the benefits of the world that we are all working for in one way or another.

I will inform everyone that I can closer to the time as to what will the best way for us to send our message out to the "powers that be", but in the meantime please share this post with as many people as you can so that we can have our strength in numbers when the day comes!

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Spread the word!
United we can win, divided we shall fail!

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