Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Music Revolution - What WE ARE DOING!

The Music Revolution is still gaining momentum, all be it slowly, but it will continue to grow until it reaches everyone able and willing to join and make a difference.

This post is about groovemasta and Groove Inc. Productions, the forerunners of The Music Revolution, and how we incorporate the ideals of The Music Revolution in all the I (We) do and make a difference.
Groove Inc. Productions slogan is: "Think, Act, Make a Difference" which pretty much sums up what The Music Revolution is all about.

Groove Inc. Productions is a relatively new company and even though we don't really have a budget we use all resources available to us to act on the ideals of The Music Revolution and make as many positive changes to the lives of as many people as we can!
Unfortunately due to the fact that we are a new company we can't help everyone but I would like to highlight some of the ways Groove Inc. Productions and I (groovemasta) have made a difference to the lives of a few people.

The first thing Groove Inc. Productions has been doing is advertising, marketing and trying to get work for Frik, a Parkinson's sufferer who can't get work and has to beg at the robot to support his family, as he has a great voice and is a very talented singer. We have managed to get him a few jobs so far which has helped him a lot, we also made a 6 song CD for Frik free of charge. Further to not charging Frik for any of our services, we also don't take a percentage of the money he gets for any work we secure for him!

Groove Inc. Productions also has made a difference to a number of people on the recording studio side of our business by helping young underprivileged artists to record their songs at a very low rate, usually below cost, in order to help them to start their career.
One such group we helped with a recording of a 4 song CD is a group of you black boys who are still in school, called Thee Immortalz WCV. They are a 3 piece hip hop/rap group and are very talented and deserve a chance to succeed! WCV thoroughly enjoyed the experience of recording at a professional recording studio and seeing support from people they don't know and don't know them.Those are only 2 of the many positive changes I have made to the lives of people around me!

It's not about what YOU can get out of it, but HOW YOU can help someone and make a positive change in their life and by so doing make a positive change to the world we live in. Each and every small positive change will become something greater if we all simply do our part! I'm sure there is some kind of positive change each and every one of you can do for someone!?!?

I call on everyone to join me and The Music Revolution so that together we can make our country and the world a better place for all!
Anyone interested in joining The Music Revolution can go to the Facebook page or contact me.
It is only when we all work together that we can make a positive change to the world we all live in!

The Music Revolution is an idea and ideas live forever!

Music is My Religion

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