Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Music Revolution Keeps Going

Even though I have only had a few responses to my request for artists and musicians to join me and the Music Revolution, mostly the good friends I made in Cape Town and Fortune, a guy I met outside a shopping mall......The Music Revolution KEEPS GOING and MOVING FORWARD!!!

What I don't understand is that a lot of people are reading my blogs about the Music Revolution and are liking my posts and the Music Revolution on Facebook, yet not many people have contacted me and asking me to join the Music Revolution and what they can do????

To me that is something which very disturbing as I thought artists and musicians wanted have an impact and have an effect on the world we live in??
Maybe I was wrong??
Maybe most artists and musicians are only in it for the fame and money????
Which is quite sad as I have always made music in order to "be there" for people and have a positive effect on their lives, even if I don't know them!

Are none of you interested in joining the Music Revolution in order to effect positive change to the world we live in???? We ALL know there are many things wrong with the world and it is only if we stand together for the common good of all mankind that each and everyone of us can play our part in making a decent future for us and those that come after us!

Doing nothing IS the worst crime out there and if everyone has that kind of attitude we are ALL doomed to live in a world that is full of corruption, abuse, oppression and all the other evils that make the world ehat it is today!!

The Music Revolution will keep going, no matter how many or how few people are interested in making a positive change to the world but I again call on ANYONE interested in making a difference to contact me and join the Music Revolution!!!

United we shall win, but divided we shall fall!!
The powers that be do not want us to unite and stand together because they know that if we stand together, they will fall!!! We outnumber them by a huge number and if we stand together, we CAN make a difference and change the world!!

Music is My Religion

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