Friday, 11 March 2016

The "New" South Africa

It seems like that 22 years into the New South Africa, ghosts and demons of the past still have a hold on our country!?! Racism is racism, it does not matter if it's white people being racist towards black people or black people being racist towards white people etc. Racism has no place in the modern world we live in!

As a white male in South Africa, I am being disadvantaged in the work place due to the Employment Equity Policies! I don't deny that during the Apartheid Regime many black people were oppressed and disadvantaged in many ways, which was unfair and unjust! I had nothing to do with the Apartheid Government, I was not even alive when they took power and did all the terrible things they did to the black population. Even when the Apartheid Regime was coming to an end and the New South Africa came to be, I had nothing to do with it as I was too young. I have never been a racist and always saw other people as my equals, no matter what race, creed, religion or sexual orientation.

A nation divided will not stand! It is only when we as the people who make up the "Rainbow Nation" can put the past evils and demons of the Apartheid Regime behind us and stop living in the past that we can move forward as a unified nation! Instead of looking at the differences that divide us and make us weak, we must rather look at the similarities that unify us and make us strong! If we, the people, stand together as brothers and sisters to make a unified Nation, we will have the ability and strength to make South Africa what it should be, a country we can all be proud to call Our Country!

Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes and being reborn, a unified South Africa can rise from the ashes of the past and be reborn into the Rainbow Nation........and as we all know, there is a "pot of gold" at the end of a rainbow!

I call on all my fellow South Africans, my brothers and sisters, to rise up and stand together for the common good of ALL South Africans!


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