Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Music Revolution

If you want to be one of the first to follow and be part of the Music Revolution, go to and signup to the mailing list or follow Groove Inc. Productions on Twitter and Facebook!!!

Groove Inc. Productions as a company is facilitating the Music Revolution to take South Africa, and the World by storm!!

I, groovemasta, am currently the main artist at Groove Inc. Productions and am a modern day virtuoso, making music both in the digital and live music arena.......always trying something new and pushing the envelope further forward!
If you want to find out more about groovemasta and follow what I am doing go to the Groove Inc. Productions Website and click on the groovemasta Page.

Currently I am working with a talented vocalist named Fortune and together we are working on a range of music, trying something new, fresh and original. Groove Inc. Productions is a place of Free Expression and they do not impose any restrictions when it comes to the creativity of the artists they work with! We the artists, groovemasta and Fortune, for example, are given carte blanche when it comes to what music we make and create in order to not limit our creativity and thus being at the forefront of the Music Revolution!

Music is My Religion

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The Music Revolution is well under way with groovemasta and Fortune almost having their first song completed yesterday. History will be in the making next Friday when groovemasta and Fortune will lay down their first track!!
Don't miss out on the Music Revolution

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